Panera Rebrand

Panera Bread came to Anomaly for a complete rebrand with the mission of communicating one thing: clean food. With a refreshed version of Panera’s classic logo, our team added the tagline, “Food as it should be.” Throughout the year, Panera cleaned up it’s food by ridding it of artificial colors, preservatives, and sweeteners, while we cleaned up it’s look and feel. To communicate the thought of “clean” visually, we got rid of their inconsistent patterns, created a minimalistic social style that focused on ingredients, and added natural, poppy pastels that were derived from real ingredients. Below you will find identity, print, digital, and social notionals for the new, 100% clean Panera.

Completed at: Anomaly                           Creative Direction: Rebecca Johnson-Pond, Cynthia Pratomo, Andrew Gurguis                       Art Direction, Design: Steven Acres, Edward Yeung, Wan Kang, Isaac Weeber